What Some of our Successful Students Say:

A few years after passing the EA exam in 2002 I saw Sherrill speak at a national conference. I read her bio and that was when I first learned what a USTCP is and what they can do. It took me 20 years to build the confidence to feel “smart enough” to sit for this exam. Having just passed it on my first attempt, I wish I had started the journey a decade ago. This test is grueling but it can be passed. Sherrill’s class is tailor-made for EAs and CPAs who want to represent clients before the Tax Court and her record speaks for itself. She has assembled a team of first-class educators and mentors that will guide you through this journey.

Her printed materials break down each of the four sections into manageable pieces and went everywhere with me. The May and July programs take a deep dive into some of the most problematic areas of the exam and are taught by experts in their respective fields. I started the program knowing nothing about the Federal Rules of Evidence, hearsay, or witness testimony. I won’t say I’m an expert in this area now, but I do know I had enough knowledge to pass the Evidence portion thanks to Sherrill’s team.

But it was the last session in November right before the exam that gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I arrived a nervous wreck but after a one-on-one with one of her instructors/mentors I was able to pull myself together and passed the exam. 

Sherrill’s course will give you the tools you need to pass. The Tax Court makes their prior exams available online which is helpful. But Sherrill takes those exams and shows you what a full-point answer looks like which helps you manage both your study and exam time. The most difficult topics are covered not only in the text and at the live sessions, but on recorded mini-sessions that you can review at any time online. The online student forum is where students can pose questions and get the answers from Sherrill and the other students. There are monthly and weekly quizzes and timed tests as you get closer to the exam. 

This will be a marathon, not a sprint. You need to be willing to dedicate the better part of a year to study things you may have never encountered in practice. But it CAN be done. Invest in yourself and sign up today.
David Fazio, EA USTCP Candidate (CA) (’21)

Before sitting for the USTCP exams I did a lot of research online on which course to take. When I expressed interest in the course, I received a phone call from Sherrill, who answered all my questions, and put a few things in perspective for me. I was immediately inspired by her passion and genuine care, so I signed up for the extended 18 month program (which thanks to Covid lasted way longer).  Throughout the process Sherrill and all of the mentors were patient, knowledgeable, and really encouraging.  The materials provided were thoroughly explained, the learning environment was friendly and welcoming, but most importantly this course gave me all the tools needed to pass.
Lorraine Zamora, EA, USTCP Candidate (MO)(’21)

I took Sherrill’s “Tax Court Exam” preparation course. I passed. I found that Sherrill’s materials, outlines, encouragement and great instructors contributed greatly.  Her experience from years of preparing students is hard to beat. If you study, do the work, and follow the guidelines, you will learn a lot.
Terry Gelber, CPA, EA, MST, USTCP candidate (AZ) (’21)

I cannot thank Sherrill and her staff enough for their help!  I remember the first class in May when I was completely lost.  The we met in July and I began to see light at the end of the tunnel.  By studying the material that she provided, I was ready when the day came to take the exam.  It is a step by step process.  The only advice I can give is that there is no substitute for study.  The instructors provide the material and do a great job in presenting it.  So the intellectual and emotional support is there – and very welcome.  But, like any roadmap, you have to follow the directions and not go “off roading”.  Sherrill and her team will help.  Their system is proven.  Listen.   Learn.  Believe.  YOU REALLY CAN DO IT!
Keith B. Christoff, EA, ATA, USTCP (’18)

This was the most physically and intellectually demanding exam I have ever taken. And while there is a possibility that you CAN pass without taking Sherrill Trovato’s Tax Court Exam Preparation Class, the odds are against you. Sherrill and her team provide the materials and strategies that are needed for a chance at success. The team uses past exams and their knowledge of current and past Tax Court cases to provide the most comprehensive and on point study materials available. Simply put, this class gives you the best chance of passing the exam. I would never have mastered the material needed to pass without it.
Amber Gray-Fenner, EA, USTCP (NM) (’18)

There is not a better way to end this preparation journey than receiving a letter from the United States Tax court stating that I had attained a passing score on the first attempt!

You can read these reviews, and I will guarantee you that there is no way with words to describe the outstanding work Sherrill Trovato and her team do. In my opinion, this is the only course in the entire nation that will adequately prepare you for the United States Tax Court Exam. The amount of work that Sherrill and her team put in to structure this course is unheard of. When I first enrolled in the course, I personally did not know Sherrill and her team. I was extremely hesitant, but when you come face to face with their material and their instructors, you will then realize why this is the finest program in the country.

You see, many people can study on their own, but without proper direction, you will not pass this exam. That is what this course is all about. Sherrill and her team have mastered this exam, and every one of them will be by your side every step of the way until you come out of that exam room in Washington DC.

Please know that this exam is not easy by any means. Statistics speak for themselves, and you truly have to earn your USTCP credential. This course will steer you in the right direction. If you take this course and you have the dedication, discipline, and drive, you will pass the exam. I can assure you that during the journey of studying for the exam, you will be confused, frustrated, and want to give up. But guess what!? Sherrill and her team will never allow this. They will be inspiring, encouraging, and supportive. These are the people you will always want by your side. It is worth every single penny. I got more than what I paid for. Thank you!
Ruben D Valdes, EA, USTCP (TX) (’18)

“I highly recommend Sherrill Trovato’s Tax Court Exam Study Program.  The monthly (and then weekly) study assignments are well thought out, up to date, and on target with current happenings within the Tax Court.  In my opinion, the cadre of instructors are some of the finest in the country and do their utmost to make sure the students leave with a well-grounded foundation and understanding of the material to be mastered.  I encourage anyone who contemplates tackling the Tax Court Exam to enroll in Sherrill’s program.  I doubt that I would have otherwise been able to pass this rigorous exam on my first try.”
Lynn Jacobs, EA,USTCP (LA) (’16)

“The U.S. Tax Court non-attorney practitioner passing statistics speak for themselves. Sherrill has mastered getting the needed tools to help you obtain the USTCP designation. There is no other course, and no other way, for a busy professional to get through this rigorous test. The format, the presentation, and the content is spot on. If you learn, study, and know this course, you will pass! If the USTCP designation is your goal, dream, and must have, then you must have Sherrill and her team help you to pass! This course is leaps and bounds above any other course, second to none, and without this course, I believe, passing is nearly an impossibility. This course gives you a chance, probably the only real chance.”
Michael Chambers, CPA, EA, USTCP (CA) (’16)

“The hardest test I’ve taken in my life.  No way I would have passed this exam at all, much less in my first attempt, without Sherrill’s class.  The monthly assignments, study groups, and live sessions drilled down to the core of what is needed to master this test.  The material is voluminous, but very thorough and the instructors were all top notch.  The support from Sherrill and all her mentors made the difference for me.  Worth every dime and lots more.”
Kathryn Morgan, EA, USTCP (LA) (’16)

“When I first heard your presentation at the Tennessee Society of Enrolled Agents in 2015, you were inspiring enough to engage my imagination and kindle the spark of interest into pursuing Practitioner status with the United States Tax Court.  You were supportive and encouraging making the difficult decision make sense with the expectation that this lofty goal could be achieved if a plan and curricula were followed diligently and thoroughly. You and your team were always available and provided answers when questions arose. Your mentoring set into motion the relationships with other class members.

The visiting professionals added context and understanding of areas not generally understood by enrolled agents.  Your previous successful students suggested methods and techniques for study and successful testing. The final session immediately before examination day gave the final polish and highlighted the importance of not over studying and arriving for the examination well in advance and well rested to reduce the stress that was certainly ever present. Throughout the entire cycle you and your team have been extremely supportive. Thanks for the opportunity to realize my dream.”
Kenneth G Sullivan, EA, USTCP (TN) (’16)

“I looked at the material that the exam covered and didn’t know where to start. Sherrill’s class assignments provided what to study and even how to study it. The in-person classes were very valuable and Sherrill’s teaching technique and use of attorneys and other instructors provided an understanding of the material I could not have accomplished on my own. I could not have passed this exam on first try without the review right before the exam that focused on subjects that were most likely to be tested. I highly recommend taking Sherrill’s class. The experience is well worth it.”
Diane E Lash, EA, CFP, USTCP (PA)(’16)

“This exam would have been impossible for me to pass without the vigorous preparation set forth in Sherrill’s one year USTCP study class. Sherrill did a phenomenal job selecting study topics that were tested on the actual 2016 exam. If one is interested in becoming a USTCP I strongly recommend taking Sherrill’s One year study course. Sherrill’s monthly lessons and homework decidedly prepared me for the exam. I passed on my first try. I read and worked every problem in the monthly lesson plan and come exam time I felt like I was doing homework. Very few surprises.” Trey Chase, CPA, USTCP (TX)(’16)

“Sherrill’s years of experience, excellent staff of USTCP’s, guest speakers in the evidence and legal ethics areas and numerous teaching methods, handouts and memory tools made passing the exam possible.

Without the preparation and guidance of the class, I would have wasted time and money attempting this very difficult exam. I could not have passed the exam in one sitting without this class!”
Monty Meyer, CPA/PFS, MST, USTCP (IA ’16).

“I had the privilege of attending this class for the 2012 and 2014 test cycles.  The resources and training are the foundation I used to prepare for the test.  Encouragement to become part of a study group held me accountable to a group for learning the materials.  Monthly or semi-monthly study group meetings kept the material fresh and an agenda maintained leaning discipline.  Sherrill’s monthly information letters and the 3 classroom sessions gave us a chance to learn from the experts and seek guidance for areas we were having trouble understanding.  It took two rounds for me to pass the exam.  Outside study time and analyzing recent court decisions made the difference on my second try.  Sherrill is the catalyst.  The rest depends on you and faith in your higher power.”
Ben A. Tallman EA, USTCP (GA)(’14)

“I could not have passed this difficult exam without Sherrill’s class.  She did an extraordinary job in focusing our studies to the most relevant items that were most likely to be tested.  I strongly recommend the entire one-year course as the monthly assignments really help to reinforce the material presented during the in-person sessions. I also really valued the ability to network with and learn from other test takers and USTCPs at the in-person sessions, which is something you can’t get by working on your own.”
Thomas A. Gorczynski, EA, USTCP (MD)(’14)

“What an exciting end to the tax season, I just received my letter in the mail that I passed the non-attorney exam for admission to practice before the United States Tax Court. It is clear to me that I would never have passed if it were not for Sherrill and her class. The live class was important in helping me understand the big picture of the exam while the written materials were outstanding. While I attended the classes earlier in the year I did not begin studying for the exam until September, so if you find out about the class and materials later in the year before the exam, get the materials and attend the review class and you will have a great chance of success.”
Bill Pollard, CPA, USTCP (CA)(’14)

“When I began the study sessions in November of 2013, I had no idea I would learn so much.  The volume of information necessary to cover in order to be prepared to take the exam is phenomenal.  Sherrill provides study materials on a monthly basis to start the momentum, then the May and July group study sessions builds upon our independent study.  When we met in November for the final study sessions, it all came together.   Not only did Sherrill provide all the materials and practice sessions to prepare me to successfully pass the US Tax Court practitioner exam, but I learned a great deal of useful information which I can use in my daily practice.  Thank you Sherrill!”
Ann Fleming, CPA, MST, USTCP (GA) (’14)

“Passing the US Tax Court exam is one of the best thrills of a tax professional’s life, and Sherrill’s class definitely made the difference between passing and failing.  There is simply no way I could have passed it on my own.  I am not a good solo studier, no matter what I promise myself.  I need an in person seminar. I took the exam and sadly, didn’t pass it the first time, (I also didn’t put in the time required) and kudos to all that do.  But I knew what I needed to focus on, and I had the confidence that it really could be done.  Sherrill’s class is organized around the 4 parts of the exam to allow for this type of focused study if this is what you need.  Thanks, again.  I really mean it when I say “Couldn’t have done it without you!”
Charles Markham, MST, EA, USTCP (MA) (’14)

“The US Tax Court Practitioner exam is the most comprehensive and difficult test I have ever taken, and without Sherrill’s prep course I would not have passed on my first attempt. It provided a clear roadmap on how to approach, prepare, and pass. She took the unknown out of the task by giving us everything we needed: what would be covered, how to formulate answers to get maximum points, what to expect on exam day, and how the results would come to us. In addition she surrounded us with some of her former students who had passed the USTCP exam. They gave us both encouragement and motivation over the year we spent preparing. I always felt like Sherrill was our biggest cheerleader. You need to work hard to pass- but concentrate on what Sherrill tells you to study and you will be well prepared on exam day.”
Mary Beth Lougen, EA, USTCP (VA) (‘14)

“I knew I was taking Sherrill’s 2014 prep course before the 2012 cycle even tested. She had a great reputation and given the rigors of the exam combined with the infrequency it is offered I was counting on Sherrill to coach my studies through the finish line. In the end Sherrill lived up to her reputation. The course was fantastic. There were two simple keys to me passing. I did everything Sherrill asked with regards to preparing and I gave it my all. The test has a lot of depth to it and while at the beginning it is quite the daunting task Sherrill’s course matched the depth of the test. While I was sitting for the exam there were questions that were never on previous exam cycles I was comfortable addressing simply due to the exhaustive materials Sherrill provides and recommends.”
Tyler Warner, USTCP (CO)(’14)

“Thank you for all the professional help. I knew evidence would be my toughest section of the exam. Sherrill does her evidence review and then had a top-ranked attorney present evidence. The two together built the foundation to complete the evidence section of the exam.”
Ruth Ann Michnay, CPA, MBT, EA, USTCP, “First-Timer Study Group”, (MN)(’14)

“I can’t imagine passing this test without taking Sherrill’s class. Her ability to guide us through the process and focus on studying the material was instrumental in helping me pass the test. Having the ability to reach out to fellow students for support when needed gave me the comfort to know I was not alone in this challenge. Sharing our experiences during this journey turned this test from a lonely, overwhelming experience to a joint effort of like-minded professionals coming together from all over the country to support each other through this process. Sherrill and her team were a constant source of knowledge, experience and encouragement. I will forever hear Sherrill, her team and fellow students say “You can do this” – and yes I did.”
Pam Jipp, EA, USTCP (CA)(’14)

“I can’t imagine anyone thinking they could pass this exam without the benefit of Sherrill’s comprehensive course.  When I first discussed taking her course, I was concerned with some schedule conflicts and prior commitments.  Sherrill convinced me to work around those issues and to attend as much of each class as I could.  She also encouraged me to find several study/accountability partners and commit to a regular study schedule.   You’ve heard that old joke ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ ‘One bite at a time.’  Sherrill’s course prepares you to dissect that huge elephant of an exam into bite sized pieces.  It’s still an elephant, but by exam day, you’ll have worked up an amazing appetite.”
Kevin C. Huston, EA, USTCP (NC) (‘12)

“When I posted that I was giving you all the credit for me passing, I meant it.  Here’s why.  I did not study enough for this test.  Part of that is for reasons that are very good; part of it, not so much.  But as we grew nearer the exam, I knew I had to cut to the chase and concentrate my time on only the areas of study with the highest payoff.  Over the previous months, I had studied many things that were of marginal value, if not irrelevant, and I noticed in the seminars that many individuals seemed to be spending a lot of time off topic. Fortunately, your lectures and your materials made it abundantly clear what topics in all four areas we should focus on.  You knew from previous exams over two decades where the questions were likely to come.  With the little time I had left at the end I directed all my study to those narrow areas (well, they still weren’t all that narrow) and completely ignored everything else.  It worked splendidly, not so much because of my efforts or because I could memorize the lists of important things to know readily, but because you told us everything — and I do mean everything! — we needed to know to pass.

So, here’s the formula for success:  Take Sherrill’s course.  Study what Sherrill tells you to study (ignore the rest).  Learn what Sherrill tells you to know (ignore the rest).  Practice what Sherrill gives you to practice.  Pass the test!”
John M Perry III, EA, USTCP (OK)(‘12)

“Fantastic experience with cream of the crop peers where we accomplished quite a goal. No doubt about it, this was a tough test.  If you’re willing to put forth the effort to study, the USTCP designation is well within reach.  Sherrill’s approach to preparing students for taking the Tax Court Exam is nothing short of phenomenal.  She provides you with everything you need and tailors the live sessions to accommodate various learning preferences within the group.  She somehow even managed to make the material fun.”
Geri Bowman, CPA, EA, USTCP (OH)(‘12)

“As a CPA, I felt comfortable with tax law and with Tax Court Practice and Procedure. The Federal Rules of Evidence and Legal Ethics, however, presented a challenge for me. Sherrill Trovato’s materials on FRE and Legal Ethics provided the additional information that I needed to pass the 2012 Tax Court Exam. Sherrill’s materials were clear, readable, and on point. I recommend her materials to anyone who needs support in particular substantive areas.”
Allyn Judd, CPA, USTCP (UT)(‘12)

“I have taken many professional exams in my career.  The US Tax Court exam is not only the most difficult exam to take, but the most difficult to prepare for.  Sherrill’s course was essential in helping me not just pass the exam, but pass it the first time.  Anyone who embraces her course materials and study and exam preparation techniques should feel confident in passing the US Tax Court exam. For Enrolled Agents looking to elevate themselves to US Tax Court representation, this is a must take course.”
Sean Monohan, EA, CFP, USTCP (TX)(‘12)

“Sherrill’s course was the core of my preparation for the Tax Court Exam for Admission of Non-attorneys and was critical in my passing on my first attempt. The materials covered all of the areas of the exam in great detail and her suggested answers to the questions from past exam were excellent. Further, even if I had not passed the exam, the knowledge gained in preparation for the exam provided to me the ability to better serve my clients in the future. I would recommend this class to any Enrolled Agent or CPA to improve themselves.”
E Robert Clifton, EA, USTCP (CA) (‘10)

“Sherrill’s class is the reason I passed this difficult test. Her study group provided the guidance and support necessary to navigate my way through the test.  Sherrill gives you the tools and emphasizes the commitment needed.  I felt the camaraderie of the group as a whole was a bonus. I totally recommend the study group format that Sherrill provides, if you have the desire to take on this formidable task.“
Linda Bossard, EA, USTCP (CA) (‘10)

“I took the Tax Court Exam in November 2008 and received notification that I had passed the exam in early April 2009. The exam is difficult as you can tell from the pass rate – I strongly recommend that if you intend to take the Exam – you invest in Sherrill’s course. It not only prepares you with the information to study, the procedure of the exam – it also prepares you mentally, which is a significant part of the preparation. I would not have passed the exam without Sherrill’s help and guidance – thank you Sherrill.”
Richard M Reedman, CFE/FCPA, EA, ACCA, USTCP (NC) (‘08)

“When I sat down and started to take the test in Washington, D.C. I slowly became aware that I was adequately prepared. Before I finished the test, I believed I had a reasonable chance of passing.  I followed Ms. Gregory’s instructions – including: doing the homework, drilling with flash cards, listening to tapes on evidence and taking practice exams under test conditions.  The course material is very substantive – for example; annotations of predictions of what questions will be on the exam, power point presentations and prior exams with suggested answers.  Without reservation, I recommend this course.”
Allan Egelkraut, CPA, USTCP (AR) (‘08)

“Your class prepared me mentally as well as I could have hoped to have been prepared to take the exam.  It demystified the exam and allowed me to study the sections independently and at my own pace.  I would recommend the 1-year study package to anyone thinking of taking the exam.  It was the right amount of study time for me.”
Lonnie Gary, EA, USTCP (CA) (‘06)

“Your class was immensely valuable in getting me focused on the topics I need to know and study.”
Frank Degen, EA, USTCP (NY) (‘02)