Study Resources

Use this information to identify possible self-study materials to supplement those shown on the Self-Study page. There are many different sources for law school study guides and aids; if possible visit a law school bookstore to locate helpful resources. Watch publication dates to be sure the material is recent.

If you use our materials, the text is your primary resource.

STARKMAN.COM – Jay Starkman, CPA wrote about the exam and provides free download of some selected older exam questions. Remember that our website includes exams from 2000-2016.

ALI.ORG – American Law Institute Web site contains possible resources for Tax Court study. Watch publication dates; material most likely is professional quality and useful, but do not rely solely on dated information in your studies.

NITA (National Institute for Trial Advocacy) from Notre Dame Law School publishes Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections which covers hearsay and other objections with cross references to the appropriate FRE.

Emanuel Law Outline Series guide Evidence was useful. You can find it online or in bookstores.  The CrunchTime Evidence book by Steven Emanuel is also useful, but you will find many other Evidence resources available to assist in this study area, including workbooks, flash cards, and other study aids.

A trip to the local law school bookstore, a search on or through Google search may help you locate your perfect resource. Watch publication dates and use current resources.

The Law Bookstore carries new and used law textbooks and study aids (including the Multistate Review audio on Evidence, plus Evidence and Federal Income Tax flashcard sets). The staff is helpful and knowledgeable, prices are reasonable, and UPS or US mail shipping is available everywhere. They are located at 1775 W. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92801. Call 800.810.0120, or 714.491.BOOK (491.2665) or see their Web site (