Study Resources

Use this information to identify possible self-study materials to supplement those shown on the Self-Study page. There are many different sources for law school study guides and aids; if possible visit a law school bookstore to locate helpful resources. Watch publication dates to be sure the material is recent.

If you use our materials, the text is your primary resource.

Prior Tax Court exam questions – are useful for your study, but remember to answer them with current tax law.  Questions are available at for a fee or for free from our website (2000-2018). – many resources on Federal Tax, Federal Rules of Evidence, and Professional Responsibility are now available through  Watch publication dates to ensure these are current study materials.

  Emanuel Law Outline Series for evidence is useful and is available online or in bookstores.  The CrunchTime Evidence book by Steven Emanuel is also useful as are many other resources such as workbooks, flash cards, and other study aids.
Gleim Federal Tax Exam Questions & Explanations – is especially helpful for Federal Taxation since it covers many of the topics commonly tested. A visit to the local law school bookstore or a search on Google may lead you to your perfect resource. Watch publication dates so you are using current resources.