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CPA and EA in Aptos California. Just missed passing the USTCP exam in 2021. I love sailing on San Francisco Bay.

I was born on March 24th in the first year my dad hit the scene as a tax accountant. I started my firm 13 years ago part-time. I did some time at resolution only firm for about 5 years and have more experience than I give myself credit for.
After taking the leap and going full-time in May 2020 just 5 days after the birth of my youngest daughter I’ve paved my own path in the industry. Most know me for my expertise with the TaxDome platform.
I recently launched my own representation course and it’s been a wonderful experience. Moving to the role of an educator has helped me build my confidence to further my expertise and finally pursue the USTCP. I’m cautiously optimistic but I’m ready to put in the work.

I am an Enrolled Agent (EA) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). I do volunteer work for the US Tax Court in NY. My focus is tax representation and hope to pass the USTCP exam. My experience has been in the financial area and in public accounting and currently studing for the CPA exam. I love to can different foods and paint digitally.

I am the president of CryptoTaxAudit which is the leading firm defending crypto traders in IRS audits. I have my own forensic accountants, crypto gain analysts, and CPAs preparing tax returns for the largest crypto investors in the US.
Most crypto audits will end up as tax court cases, so I'm studying to be better able to defend my clients.
I live in Portugal with my wife. Occasionally I travel to the US as a conference speaker. I'm an EA, NTPI Fellow, certified tax resolution specialist (ASTPS), and have an LLM degree in international financial regulation.

I have been involved in the field of taxes for many years. I started in the early 90s by taking an H&R Block tax course and working for them for a few seasons. I completed taxes on and off through the years and then worked for Intuit for a while. And 2015 I started studying for the EA exam and passed it in 2016. Since that point I have worked with one of the big tax resolution companies and several different companies taking contract work. I love tax resolution work and I am looking forward to this course. I feel I can serve my clients better with the knowledge I'm going to learn. My intention is to pass the test on the first time but I'm focusing on the knowledge I will gain and the fact that I will be more efficient and wise having taken the course. I look forward to learning with you all!

I started working in a tax, bookkeeping office in 1987 and left in early 2002. I worked out of my home for 2 years. 2004 I I rented a small office close to my home, still in the same building but bigger office, I have 3 full time employees and 4 seasonal tax preparers. We stay open all year.