I want to be a USTCP partly for the comedy!

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    I’ve worked with my share of attorneys over the years who have told me some funny stories, but none quite so funny and awkward as these tax court cases!

    Port Carlos:  Port Carlos and the 75th Place Property

    Washington Tax:  Jasper Attorneys and Associates

    I was reading through Sherrill’s article in the EA Journal and determined I just had to go read the Findings of Fact in the TC memo. The comedy of errors with these attorneys is so fascinating to me! Is this a “do as I say, not as I do” standard?

    Thank you Sherrill for your article on the §6662 penalty!


    you’re most welcome – as you read more Tax Court cases you’ll understand that many people shouldn’t try the case because they’re just wrong with bad facts.  Sometimes the results are rather funny.  And it’s a great reason to be a USTCP!

    Terry Gelber

    Eric, I agree. The two aforementioned cases. The t/p’s should reasonably know they have no case.

    I am surprised frivolty penalties are not more common! The commingling among professionals.

    Look at all the horse breeding and yacht cases. I actually read those out loud to my wife. She laughs. She already knows the result!

    Recently a poster on the NAEA list serve posted “pig test,” “duck test,” and “smell test”….

    But we take the plaintiffs as we find them….or they find us. We get paid even against bad odds.

    Yesterday, I walked into an audit (only 4 hrs prep time avail.), client owing $400k. I had zero receipts or invoices with me.

    2 hours later I walked out, having it reduced to $150K or less and with a follow up appt., IDR coming.

    The audit reconsideration worked. He will probably owe $50K when done for 2012.

    Thankful for the Cohan rule, and glad group supervisor knew it too.

    I only handled 2012. His attorney will handle the OIC 2012-2018. No BK desired.

    Client learned it is not good to put head in the sand 7 years!




    Interesting story, Terry.  We can definitely assist TPs, sometimes even forcing them to pay attention to their lives and what they need to do.  We try at least.

    I still love reading TC cases …


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