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Exam Preparation

Since the Tax Court does not publish suggested answers, and a successful candidate can no longer able to obtain their exam answers, knowing what and how to study for this test can be daunting.

Preparing to Practice before the US Tax Court is designed to focus the student’s study on the areas most likely to be tested. A comprehensive text, updated with each class cycle, provides explanatory material to highlight common exam topics, then applies past exam questions to the topic. Emphasis is on using current tax law and information to answer prior exam questions as there is limited value in knowing a full point answer for a prior exam if the law or procedure has since changed.

If self-study works best for you, you’ll find suggestions in the Self Study and in Study Resources sections on how to locate useful materials along with guidance in Ten Study Tips. It can be helpful to work with a professional exam preparation specialist to guide your studies in the most effective and efficient manner, which also gives you access to study partners who are preparing to take the exam. Our course is divided into three live sessions, plus online content that is available for your independent study (including videos, assignment modules, court case synopsis, etc).  See Registration Information for more details.