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USTCP Tax Court Exam Cycle - Traditional 12 Month Study Program

Starts 11/1/19: Includes access to all student content (webinars, assignments, etc), student Forum & attendance at all live sessions.

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Terms & Conditions
REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you cancel 10 or less days after registering for the Traditional 12 Month Program, your refund is reduced by $2,000 for access to the 2018 text plus a $300 administrative fee.  If you cancel more than 10 days after registering for that program, your refund is reduced by $2,000, a $300 administrative fee plus a charge of $250 per month for each full or partial month you had access to the 2020 program materials.  All class fees are considered earned when the live lecture sessions are held in May, July and November 2020.  No refund is possible if you cancel less than 30 days before any class or if you are unable to attend some or all of a class session.  All cancellation requests must be made in writing and faxed to 714.777.3463, or scanned and emailed to – the date received determines the cancellation date.

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